Yuusk in Portugal

It’s time for holiday and planning a trip in Europe? Well, Lisbon might be a great idea because there are many things you can visit here grace to the fact that this city is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Lisbon – the capital of Portugal, has an incredible history, interesting places to discover and an incredible vibrant neighborhoods. Let’s take a look at some of very best things to see while you are in Lisbon.

Torre de Belem 

This is a fairy tale place to explore. It was built to protect the port and it was the point where many explorers started well known journeys to the new world.


Santa Justa Elevator 

Is not as famous as Eiffel Tower in Paris but is a very especial lift because it has an interesting architecture and can offer beautiful panoramic views.



This place is gorgeous. Around 30 minutes from the city itself, it’s an incredible area to see the historic palaces and castles that sit elegantly on the hills.

Explore the Monastery of St Jerome

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is nestled within the historic district of Belém, where you literally can’t miss it! Head inside to explore some of the awe-inspiring architecture and stunning history of this gorgeous place.

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